Average Minds and hate machines.
Once a month, my body lays an egg and if I don’t appease the egg’s evil demands of impregnation, it throws a giant fit and rips down the walls in my uterus and shoves them out my vagina and I’m just sitting here feeling all this take place and I’m like

Instant boob lift.Wat.

Instant boob lift.


IDK appearance related stuff

Ok, I have been thinking about this for quite a while.


I hear many girls who whine and bitch about wanting to be skinny and pretty.


I understand you want to be skinny or skinnier. It’s something many desire and I am one of those people, I know the feeling. However, it’s not all about being skinny and how you get there; it’s also about WHY you want to be skinny. The main reason fit bodies are promoted is because they are usually linked to a good health and beauty. You should primarily focus on the health part. Beauty comes second. Moreover, if your aim is to shed as many pounds as you want so you can wear tiny clothes that squeeze out your tits and asses please, feel free to do this at your current weight, being skinny doesn’t make you any less slutty.

I am sick and tired of seeing skinny girls showing how much weight they have lost and the majority of those display images are of a ‘sexy’ nature. No, listen, I don’t give a fuck about how hot you think you look. I care about you achieving your goal and finally fucking being your goal weight. Why must it always be set up pictures, dramatic updates, despair, duck faces, bent knee images, short tight clothes and usually a bitchy behavior? Can you not just fucking be happy with your weight and discreetly update about your progress? I went (not that anyone gives a fuck, it’s an example) from a BMI of 22.2 to a BMI of 18.3 and maintained it with a healthy diet and everyday routine. Am I making a big deal out of it, whining how hard it is to be me? Nooooooope (chuck testa lol). I just sit my fucking ass down and feel happy with myself. The end.

Come on man, I know how hard it is to be pretty. I tried. Once. It took so much energy and dedication I just gave up. Now, I just observe others who fight for beauty. The behavior they put up to support that effort. The techniques they use. The fucks they give. It’s amusing, really. I just sit here and think how much we have been consumed by outer beauty and how little we have grown on the inside. How many of all the gorgeous people in the world, of those who make a living out of their beauty (models especially) can live up to an in depth, philosophical, serious, meaningful and complex conversation? About 50% would be correct, if not too high of a percentage.

I am so tempted when I hear females brag, boast and bitch about how much they spent and how much they tried and how long it took for them to look how they look and then proceed to criticize others, to walk up to them, pull down their skirt or top a bit and say “You’re a dumb bitch and you look like a slut. Go home”.

It’s not that simple though and that way of addressing individuals is just plain mean.

Weight loss has so much money, media attention, time, research and devotion spent on it. We could be spending the same resources for dealing with diseases or advancing technology. But no, we have to focus on how small a woman’s ass is and how well she can frolic in clubs and parties. We are expected to do that. To be social, glamorous, feminine and normal. And then they say both males and females face sexy females in images as objects. I wonder why.

Well fuck you.

I am gonna be skinny or chubby or fat or normal or whatever the fuck I wanna be as long as my health is alright. I am gonna be as fucking weird as I want and like what I want as long as it is not extremely abnormal or harmful. I can act as retarded as I want as long as I know and cope with whatever is going on IRL when shit gets real. I am not saying I am gonna be a rebel to society or norms. I am not gonna talk back to anyone who gives me advice or hate the media because I disagree with what it is promoting.  I am not going to follow extreme dressing styles or be a rebel in the wrong protest.

No, I am quite the passive person, actually.

I am doing what I want and liking what I want, but silently. I am going to be an individual who does what they do in their own pace and time, silently and calmly, without pressing my opinions on others or being loud and demanding about it. I am just stating an opinion; I think everyone is entitled the right to have one. Please, I do not know what you have gone through, you might have more to show than what you currently are or you might simply be misjudged, but you are sincerely a pain in the ass. Clam your tits the fuck down and focus on your aim. DAMN I cannot fit this whole issue in one opinion article.

However, who the fuck am I to speak right? Lol fuck me, who cares about what random people on the internet say, it’s the internet. Fuckthat.jpg.

Oh, as for males not being accused of anything in this text, I am not a male so I cannot speak about them. I can only express my opinion about the gender domain I have lived and am living in.

I laughed way too hard at this.

I laughed way too hard at this.

My nipple is itchy and I can’t scratch it because it tickles.



I haven’t laughed so hard since last month.

And I thought only the chan boards would make me lol this much.

People who do this at concerts, kindly fuck off.

People who do this at concerts, kindly fuck off.

I love the internet. It’s like a massive punch of adrenaline made of fucking retards and haters. IN MY FACE. WITH A HAMMER. GOD I LOVE THIS SHIT.
When I am alone I like to wrap my penis in toilet paper and pretend its a ghost
The interwebz
What the fuck did Google just find?

What the fuck did Google just find?